Places of Interest


The Golden Temple

The abode of Bliss and Blessings, The Golden Temple is holiest of the shrines of Sikh religion. Guru Arjun Dev requested the great contemporary Muslim saint Mian Meer to lay the foundation stone of this shrine in January 1589, thus the building was completed in 1601 and the Holy Scripture of Sikhs Adi Granth was installed in Temple in 1604.

Surrounded by the pool which gave the town its name "Amritsar", Golden Temple is open to all and is reached by a causeway. The temple beautifully reflected in stunning expanse of water, creates an atmosphere which is particularly powerful from before dawn to early light. At this time the glistening white marble walk-way Parikarma which surrounds the temple is still cold under feet and the gold begins to shimmer in lightening water.


The Jallianwala Bagh

In 1919, The Jallianwala Bagh was no "garden but a desolate piece of land- a rectangle of irregular shape, about 229 meters long and 13 meters wide.The 'Flame of liberty' was constructed in 1954 and inaugurated by the President, Dr Rajindra Parsad in 1961.

On the four sides of the memorial, the words, "In memory of martyrs-13 April,1919" has been inscribed in Hindi, Punjabi,Urdu and English.


Wagha Border

People visit this place in large numbers to witness the lowering down of the flags of both countries. The only post, where a special parade is organised to lower the flags simultaneously from the flag poles in the evening,beams with activity. The flag lowering ceremony, better known as the 'Retreat' is performed everyday, Shortly before sunset, by Border Security Force (BSF) jawans on the Indian side and Pakistan Rangers on the other side.

For the people of both the countries, it is a major event and hundred of Pak and Indian nationals assemble at their respective sides to watch the parade. The rush on the Indian side is heavy on Sundays while the Pakistani side is crowded on Fridays . The VIP's of both countries also make sure that don't miss the opportunity to see the jawans perform a drill together.

Distance from Hotel
Railway Station 200mtr
Bus Stand 2 Kms
Airport 12 Kms
Golden Temple 3 Kms
Jallian Wala Bagh 3 Kms
Wagha Border 15 Kms
Durgiana Temple 2 Kms